Dog Walking and petsitting begins with a free meet and greet visit for 30 – 45 minutes so we can get to know you and your pets, and you can get to know us. We want our customers and their pets to feel comfortable with us. We will spend time getting to know your pets and their routines, while you can feel free to ask us any questions. We will also provide references for you to follow up.

At this meeting we will complete our petsitting service contract including client info, house info, and pet care info. The terms and conditions of the services to be provided will be clearly defined and the prices will be specified. We have a medical form that must be signed by your veterinarian if your pet needs medication while they are in our care.

Typical Fees Are

Daily dog walking : $15.00/ 30 minutes
Petsitting Visits : $15.00 / 40 minutes

These fees hold for the town of Bangor, PA, Mount Bethel, PA, and Belvidere, NJ.
Fees may be slightly higher depending on distance traveled. Feel free to contact us for an estimate.

Our petsitting visits include watering plants and flowers, taking out your garbage and recycling, taking in the mail, taking in any packages that are delivered to your home, rotating lights so your home looks lived in while you are away. We will also care for other pets in your home too.

In some cases our rates may vary if extensive watering of indoor/outdoor plants, your pet needs medication, or other pet or home services are required. Each client, pet, and home, are different, so we will discuss your requirements on the phone and at our meet and greet.