We  bake fresh organic treats that are wheat, soy, and corn free.  Some of our treats are gluten free. If your pet has food sensitivities, has allergies, weight issues, we could help you with good quality treats that don’t contain a list of chemicals, sugars, fillers and food colorings. We bake our treats when you place an order so they will be fresh upon delivery. We bake all of our treats at home, we do not have a store front.

Jerky for Dogs
We make chicken jerky for your pets.  Our jerky is made from skinless, boneless breast.  Our chicken contains no hormones, antibiotics, or anything that is bad for your pet. The chicken we used is produced in the USA and approved by the USDA. The jerky is dried for 10 – 12 hours and can keep in your refrigerator for about 6 weeks.  It can also be frozen.

Sweet Potato chips
We use fresh sweet potatoes and they get dried for several hours.  My dogs test them out and let me know when they are ready.

Pumpkin Biscuits
Our bakery is just getting started.  We  bake fresh organic treats that are wheat, soy, and corn free.    Pumpkin treats are gluten free.

Peanut Butter bars with chopped peanuts

If your pet likes peanut butter he/she will love these treats.